I can haz?

Is Git present?

Yes, SVN is also present (don't ask..)

Can I use SSH?


Is WP-cli present?

Yes, command is wp as well as wp-cli

Are exec(), system() and other system calls available?


My theme needs AJAX calls, but does not need all the plugins to be loaded

Read how to disable loading the plugins on an AJAX event:


Yes, WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE is available on our staging servers, set to 'staging'.

Is XMLRPC enabled?

No, it is disabled by default. See the .htaccess file _twice_ for the instructions to enable.

Rest/wp-json firewalling

Getting a 403 response ? Sent us: your _full_ : useragent, IP adress, domain, path.

I want to hide your notices

Read how to filter the $is_dismissed boolean here:

I want to overwrite WP Core (wp-admin, wp-includes, twenty-x themes and so on), may I?

No you may not. We run, secure and update all WP Core files. Do not modify any WP Core file, it will be automatically overwritten.

Preview before going live

If your domain is domain.ext and hosted on server the preview url is so the syntax is : ${domain}${ext-without-any-dots}-w{$serverid}
Note that the WP domain setting has to be renamed by you, it is not set dynamically.
Also note that varnish caching is disabled on the preview url.

No REST for the wicked